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Tuesday is spinning day. There was a select group of just four of us this week, and I had to leave early as I had other things to do.

Having arrived moments after a fire drill at the school, the Head, Rosemary, demo’d the alarm to us so we’d know what it sounded like next time.

I went to Kirkwall yesterday afternoon. The weather forecast that I had read mentioned wind, but not the rain that appeared! Within 100 yards of getting off the ferry I was soaked. It was a mildly choppy crossing in the Kirkwall direction at lunchtime and I didn’t think that the wind had increased much during the afternoon, but on the way back I noticed that we had gone the other side of some small islands than the normal route, and then the Master came over the tannoy (a first for me, I’ve not noticed any announcements in bad weather before) to say that we were about to sail across the falls of Warness and it might be a bit rough. Now, Varagen is a good little ship, but she maybe rolls a bit more that the Earls. It might not have been quite as bad as this, but it was pretty close! I was sitting in the cafeteria (which had shut up shop by this point) and by the sound of it, not a lot was left on the shelves by the time we got to Loth. I didn’t get much knitting done either, as I was holding on to the table to steady myself!

Everyone was reminding each other that it’s still August…

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