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  1. Spinning this morning – I am away to the post office with some orders shortly and thence to spinning, with most of a 25 kilo bag of flour to divvy up plus a rather strange fruit loaf – I’ll be going via our recycle shop and having a good root through the stock.
  2. Knitting has not been going well. Knitting has not been going at all. In fact, although I got my designated project, High Seas, out at the start of the month an don to my desk, it has grown not at all. I cannot believe that it is already the 26th! Where on earth has the time gone to? Well, OK, there has been much writing and writing seems to consume time like nothing else. There has been a great deal of camera, too – and that has been so enjoyable that I can hardly regret it. Baking has been happening, though on a low light, it must be said. Most of all I have been feeling… a bit blurred about the edges and not doing enough of anything that actually needs doing.
  3. I have got myself mixed up with the Big Boys in a photography challenge. My knees are quaking. I have tried hard to elicit the support of other feeble snappers but no one has stuck their neck on the line. The time that I shall be spending on this will be subtracted from April’s project – Liz’s Kadril, which I am determined to have finished by the end of next month. Considering it has whipped my lardy bottom twice already, hmm…. Anyway, if you fancy a fun, non-competitive photography stretching experience, do come along and join us. Sign up at Paul Dear’s blog – the details are in my photo blog and I would dearly love some girly company.
  4. There seems to have been some nasty weather Sooth of here. I trust you are all well, warm, and dry and with plenty of electricity. All that we have suffered is a very occasional snow flurry.
  5. Town tomorrow. I need some fresh vegetables and salad but what I want to do is root through the charity shops, looking for photo props! I have a notion that I want to to get into still life photography – laying up little tableaux and photographing them properly. I hesitate to call it art, but I would love to set up some shots with a feel of old paintings about them. Currently I am trying to learn about low-key photography for the challenge. My table was not set carefully, this was just a first “sketch” if you like… but it gives an idea of where I am headed.
    I had fun playing last night, but it is a steep learning curve

    I had fun playing last night, but it is a steep learning curve

    Anyway, why am I whiffling about this in a fibre blog? It’s obvious, isn’t it? I am planning some classier approaches to my FO shots 🙂 Hopefully.

    I have ordered a black backdrop and also succumbed to a piece of Kingfisher coloured silk on eBay last night. It should drape very… artistically. If you have any nice cloth remnants that you don’t want and that would make good backdrops, table covers or drape artistically about candlesticks and the like, I’d be happy to talk about buying them from you. Get in touch.Well, it’s summat to do when it’s raining, isn’t it? Anyway, I have finally found a use for doilys!

  6. I promise, faithfully, that High Seas will move forward between now and the end of the month. I just wish it was a suitable piece for taking to spinning. I shall be taking my doily instead. Hopefully it will turn out to be photogenic.
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