That’s the third mitt done, and I now have a pair to wear. There is yarn left over – perhaps sufficient for another pair.

Two rounds on the doily successfully completed today and back on schedule.

Wondering what to do now. I’ll leave the second Vanessa sock for Monday – so it’s a toss-up between progress on Kadril and an effort to put more points on the Rivington – neither of which project is suitable for taking to group tomorrow afternoon. You know, daft as it seems, there seems to be a hole in my current set of WIPs. I am not quite equipped for all eventualities. What I need is to venture  into uncharted territory. By that, I mean that I need something that I can knit in a group with lost of chatter going on i.e. no charts to follow. I have nothing in the UFO or WIP pile that is not charted. Not one thing.

Matinée jacket?


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  1. LizH 5th September 2013 at 12:06 am #

    Sock blanket?
    *ducks and runs*

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