Time is a precious commodity

I’ve lost a day this week – had no idea today was Thursday. It being Thursday means that (a) it is spinning day and (b) we are  Open Studio-ing from 10:30 tomorrow. Going to (a) somewhat gets in the way of preparing for (b). Panicked? Moi? Yes!

Brief fibre news:

SOCK – knitted to toe, now needs ripping back for another half an  inch in the foot before the toe shaping

HAT – finished in 2 hours. Sadly, too small. May re-knit on larger needles. May not. Don’t know yet. I have attached a tassel tot he top, but not yet to the sides.  I’ll get somebody to try it on at spinning group and then I shall make a judgement on what is to be done.

SPINNING – suffered this week due to Kirkwall trip and post-Kirkwall headache. I need to get my skates on.

Anyway – if you are out and about on Sanday this weekend, we welcome you to our Open Studio between 10:30 and 13:00 Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The kettle will be on. There may well be doughnuts.

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