Time Warp

According to my doily, it is now the 10th September.

I confess, the doily is growing well because I so enjoy knitting it. It may be the pleasure of using the perfect tool in the KARBONZ circulars, or the clear and easy charting in the Knitted Lace book, or simply the design itself. Whatever it is, it grows well and mistakes rarely occur. It is simply a joy to work on.

Unlike Kadril, which is what I ought to be doing.

It’s about time that we had a progress shot of the doily. I was going to take one but then I realised how unattractively grubby it is looking, especially at the centre origin.

Progress: currently 70 rounds done, 96 remaining – which makes it 18% complete. The thing is however that the ornate centre is complete now (I am ready to shunt my marker by 7 stitches) and the remainder is much simpler knitting.

Kadril progress: nil since last report, but I am going to get it out now. Really, I am.


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