I am tiring of my cardigan. It is such a hard slog.  I have around 18 cms left to knit. Not sure that I can do it without taking a break….

Tomorrow I hope to get to the end of the pockets. The pockets should be 16 cms long and are currently measuring 10 cms. Then I think that my wrists shall be screaming blue murder at me and it will be time for a change.

Gill came round this evening and we examined some yarn… I think that I now have a plan for my handspun. I am going to buy a pattern and do a test swatch to see if it works out. At the very least, when my wrists demand that I cease knitting cardigan, I can amuse myself by winding a few skeins into balls. I think I shall remain mysterious on the matter for now but watch out for swatch activity soon.

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