Too much to do

A very busy day yesterday saw me spinning until 10:30pm. I had to go find light bulbs in order to do that. I spun my little heart out. I hope that it was worth it.

I have hummed and haahed for a whole year over this. I was so utterly knocked back by the vitriol poured in my direction on Show day last year that I really thought I would not make the effort this year. As the Show got closer and closer, I was more convinced by the argument that goes “we asked for this class, so we have to support it.” All the same, my heart has not been in it and when I looked about me in recent weeks, I realised that I had nothing that met the class requirements.

Not exactly nothing – I had two singles that would make a skein. But I needed a pair. I decided to grow up, get some backbone, and spin like a dervish. Which I did. Two more singles.

There is only one thing wrong. My first skein came from what had developed as my Standard Spin and the second was yielded after my recent efforts at improving my spinning.

I don’t know what they are, but they are not a pair. An intelligent woman would have made two matching skeins from one single of each set. I am not that intelligent woman.

An Odd Pair

On the bright side – it is visible evidence of my improvement in skill. It’s not all in my head. Plus… the effort of learning was worth it.

After yesterday’s enormous effort there is some possibility that I will have a second pair to enter. Time will tell.

The Land Rover is booked in for its MOT on 15th August. I hope that the bolts for the cylinder head arrive in time. Leave has been booked for the event, and also for the end of August, when we combine our non-anniversary with the SUMS Puzzle Hunt week and, very possibly, the arrival of another parcel of CHEESE!

Now I really must get on. I have the longest To Do list today. It is so long that I can’t even see the end of it.

  • First up: Ply second skein
  • Next: clear bench, take stock photos
  • Third: Lunch, of course
  • Later: re-block a few items to make them presentable (I managed one)
  • Even later: complete Hunter’s sample knitting

No Spinning Group for me today.

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