Tuesday is Spinning Day

Monday most certainly was Washing Day – I got a mound of laundry done in yesterday’s wonderful weather.  Today is also glorious. I am just packing my rucksack, with a plan to walk the Sanday Spinners orders down to the village post office before walking all the way back up again, and beyond, to the school, for Spinning Group. This inevitably means taking knitting with me.  I might even pack the camera.

I was going to take the cape, which made fantastic progress yesterday despite all that laundry activity. I have turned the bottom corner and am working up the second side. The cape was in my rucksack before I re-evaluated and took it out again. Valborg is coming with me instead. Really, I prefer peace and quiet for the cape and would rather work on it this afternoon.

That in turn has rather scuppered my plan to do some writing this afternoon. I have been drafting it in my head all night and am eager to get going on it. You see, I rather enjoy writing but get a little tired of my own voice… I did this… I did that… the knitting is coming along well. I often look at the Daily Post over at WordPress although never seem to find any prompts that would fit into my blogs very happily – here is  for fibre and Paradise Enow is for baking, and those are not all that flexible when it comes to the type of prompts that the Daily Prompt offers. Well, it’s dead easy to create a new blog over at WordPress, so I did just that. Simply to provide a space for writing exercise. It is not going very well yet – out of two posts written there is much of the “I” to be seen, and one post is about knitting!

The Daily Post offers daily writing prompts, a weekly creative writing challenge, a weekly photo blogging prompt, heaps of advice and tutorials about blogging, and feedback channels. WordPress hosting is free. If you don’t already blog, why not give it a go? Take time out to spin a yarn. Give those writing muscles a stretch – you don’t have to tell anybody that you are doing it or reveal what your blog address is (but where’s the fun in that? I was going to keep mine secret but, what the heck, eh?)  and you cannot claim that you never have anything to write about when there are reams of prompts waiting for you

It is the weekly prompt that has my juices flowing. I just need to find time to concentrate in it and make it happen.

While I have been writing this, the postie has visited and left a parcel of 8 kilos of bread flour. This now leaves me with a transport quandary – I don’t think 8 kilos of flour is going on Shanks’ Pony to the village and thence to the School.

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