Tuesday Productivity

I think that I may have Tuesdays sorted! Yesterday, I very sensibly deployed the slow cooker and made some mince and tatties – leaving them to cook while I prepared for, and went out to, spinning group. Thus Mr L was able to have a hot lunch in plenty of time to prepare  for his afternoon meeting and I had a hot meal to come home to. Just as well, it’s that kind of weather. The island is under a rare white blanket and rib-sticking food seemed appropriate.

I did not take a wheel with me as I had to lug not only the 16 kilos of Malted Grain flour that we planned to divvy up yesterday, but a second sack as well, due to a last minute request. What a pity the requester did not turn up to get it…

Just four of  us yesterday – Norma very kindly gave me  a lift and she also provided a delicious fruit cake. Gill brought Hot Chocolate. It was just the kind of day for such indulgence.

After devouring some very tasty mince and tatties when I got home (doesn’t food always taste best when the cooking part is separated from the eating part?) I set some bread to rise. Then Jennifer came round to use my carder. Guess what I did? I got my wheel out and between tending my loaf, I got some spinning done!! Morgana is right here at my side now, ready for me to spin at odd moments. I am sure that now I have her set up and prominent, I shall be getting more work done. I am still spinning the Lazy River roving from FiberOptic. Almost half way, and with an ambition to complete it by the weekend.

Lazy spinning

Lazy spinning

We had half of my Malted and Seeded Loaf for tea. The second half is destined to accompany a vegetable soup that I am  about to make for my lunch.

Lovely nuttiness

Lovely nuttiness

This afternoon I have more flour distribution to attend to – but I shall be spinning too. I hope not to disturb this wee bird that has landed on my desk in the last few days. I should hate for it to take fright and fly off again…

Shhh - don't frighten it!

Shhh – don’t frighten it!

I do intend not to utter one single word about that wee bird, in case I jinx it totally.

Tomorrow is Knit & Natter and also the after school knitting group. Maybe I had better revise my ambition on the spinning and target the end of the weekend.

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