Twhit, Twhoo… WooT

The owl  hat is finished again – this time after a total redesign. It is in the sink, having a nice Soak, in the hope that I can get it dry for Knit & Natter tomorrow for Gill to model it. The hat is for Gill’s mum, who sports the same head size as her daughter, so Gill has been my sizing model. The hat looks so fantastic on her that I think she should tell her mum that it All Went Horribly Wrong, and buy her a box of chocs instead. I am sure that the hat was destined to be Gill’s 🙂

I am leaving Gill to sort out the sourcing and stitching of eyes. My part is done, or will be when I have finished writing the pattern up. It is almost done – just needs some editorial tweaks and a few attractive photographs. The pattern is to be called Twhit. Anybody want to test knit for me?

My big problem at the moment is that I cannot find the original source of the Owl Cable Pattern in order to give appropriate credit. Does anybody know more than I do, please?

There was great excitement in the house last night when spam arrived alerting me to the arrival of Costco’s UK online shopping venture. Typical – our membership died last week. Mr L rejoined last year on his trip to get the Landy from Glasgow. He filled the vehicle with lots of Costco goodies that we had been missing, and ferried it all up here. Of course, we haven’t used our card since then – a trip to Aberdeen is a major venture and requires a need for some large white goods or similar in order to make the trip even vaguely economic.

Believe it or not, I sat up until almost midnight, scouring the site for all the things that are normally on my Costco list. Sadly, few of them were there. The online shop little resembles the warehouses. Much of the goods available are the kind of thing you can order from the warehouse. Many are specially packed assortments and I guess are dispatched from some other source.

It is difficult to see, at present, how we can save the cost of the membership each year. I shall keep working at it. Things we can get via the site and would normally load into our trolley are:coffee beans (Hurrah! we had to find an alternative source for the Costco coffee beans that we love), Jelly Bellys, Maple Syrup, 5 litre olive oil, bulk bags of nuts, the premium cat food that Teddy adores, toilet rolls, catering film and foil, household cleaning stuffs. Most of the items we would get are a minimum order of two – which is too much for us when it comes to things that age, like the nuts. I would need to find a buying partner. Of course, it could be worth joining for the savings on printer toner and inks alone, and office paper – but these are all occasional purchases. My staples like multi packs of shampoo, soap, toothpaste, deodorant are not there, nor the catering packs of peppercorns and herbs and spices that used to save me so much money. Worst of all… no large jars of dried mushrooms – they alone used to cover my membership and mileage in the old days. No sacks of Marriage’s bread flour either. No large catering jars of Geeta’s Chutney.  Sob.

It’s early days, I guess. Perhaps they will expand the range, but for now it seems to be high value/high margin stuff. It was like looking through the back pages of the winter catalogue, where the selection boxes and hampers were kept. We are tempted by this, though not by that (I see they still have many items of questionable taste) but wouldn’t it be nice to be able to have the other? Some lovely fresh items and deli goods would never make it here before expiring (delivery is UPS.)

On the matter of delivery, and hence all of our excitement, it would appear that we are included in the service. Charges are inclusive and although they quote “Mainland UK”, it would appear to be that definition of Mainland UK that includes Northern Island and excludes overseas, BFPO, and Channel Islands. This one usually translates to anywhere actually in the United Kingdom, and therefore includes us. They do mention remote locations taking longer – that is a hopeful sign. So. We have to test the premise, don’t we?

I’d quite like a new ‘fridge, actually… (hey, a girl may dream!)

What’s the betting that, like Tesco, they rapidly change the policy and withdraw our service? Tesco did return our service eventually, but at a whacking premium that is beyond my pocket for most things.

Right, Twhit must be done by now. I’ll go squeeze it out and set it to dry. Lunch is all ready – I put a crock pot of beans to bake when I went to bed last night. Sadly I have no decent potatoes to bake, so it shall be oven chips. Leaves me plenty of time to Get On With Stuff.

Oh, I’ve just remembered something – must check to see  if the online Costco has tyres – they are so cheap to buy at the stores…

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