Two for one

We had to move this week’s Magic Socks session to today due to a clash with the Sanday Soulka weekend beginning tomorrow. This meant that Magic Socks and Knit & Natter were happening concurrently. It was two knitting sessions, but only one cake (for those of us who were being good, anyway.)

There was one extra at Magic Socks – Julia popped in just to learn how to use the loop. Socks are coming along well – and Jennifer turned her first-ever heel this afternoon. Then she turned a second. Both look as though she has been turning heels all her life – very neat!

We gave the socks a good hour’s attention, then went to join the natterers. Progress was made on some of the KAL shawls. Pauline S doggedly cast hers on again for another go at it. Norma is in the lead. As far as we know, that is – Margaret may well have knitted acres of shawl on her sunny beach.

My own shawl is around Row 55 and growing but slowly.

Work progresses towards the weekend’s Open Studio. There is much to be done yet – most of which is not happening today, for one reason and another. I have been stymied – so I have spent my time with signage, labels, price lists… and packaging up Magic Sock Kits.

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