Ups and Downs

UP: Packed up this morning’s order and got ready to walk to the post office,

DOWN: before realising that I had failed to get the petty cash from Gill before she went. My own purse is cleaned out, so I’m somewhat stymied at this moment.

UP: My North Ron rovings have just arrived.

UP: I haven’t even paid for them yet! Love the Orkney way of doing business 🙂

UP: 1.2Kg of roving, plus postage = £37.70 – it’s going to be a cheap aran sweater

UP: Worth the price, if I value my time and I don’t have to wash and card

UP: No drafting required either – it’s a very slender roving.

UP: Knit & Natter today

UP: It’s a beautiful day to walk up to knitting

DOWN: I seem to have no cash for coffee and cake

UP: I seem to have been promised a visit by the Dundee branch of TV Licence Enforcement or whatever they call themselves. That will be nice. I hope they have a rough ferry crossing.

DOWN: They don’t really mean it. They promise to visit… I make cake.. they always stand me up 🙂

OK. Enough of this nonsense. Knitting update: I made a few hexapuffs yesterday, nothing strenuous. Re-prioritised the completion list and decided that I am going to push on the KAL cape and also work on the High Seas for a while. I want to finish Lara too but have not yet been in a frame of mind to tackle the three chart business.

One thing that I know for sure is that Lara will be unsuitable for taking out this afternoon. Same applies to High Seas, or anything where I need to read a sizeable chart. I’m a bit bored with hexapuffs for now and the only socks that I have on the needles are complicated charted ones… but I’m disinclined to take all the paraphenalia associated with my Tunisian Crochet blanket if I am walking up this afternoon.

What to take? Can I cope with the KAL cape edging amongst all the chatter? I’ll take it, but have a backup plan. I’m going to add some Echoes of Eden mitts to the bag. They’ll come in handy on the boat tomorrow if I can remember to book the bus… unlike Tuesday/Wednesday (again!)

Not a pair

Echoes of Eden is a lovely mitten pattern. I made some early on after I started to knit again. The pattern offers a choice of methods for joining the cuff. I stitched one and picked up the other. From that point on, they became two half pairs. I need to make a second one by each method, thereby knocking off two UFOs.

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