Ups and downs

This island life has its ups and downs, you know.

Well, the heating is working again and I am considering removing my thermal undies soon. The not-a-balaclava is nearing a finish and I am knitting merrily away as I work down the neck. I have consulted with Mr L and we plan a double welt around the face opening, so the end is a little further away than it might otherwise have been.

We also consulted about the duvet and reached a conclusion. I sat down here to submit an order to The Wool Room. I was particularly pleased to have read their delivery information:


  • We charge a £4.95 delivery fee on any UK orders under £65. All UK orders over £65 automatically have free delivery. International order delivery fees vary, please see the price calculated at checkout.
  • On occasions we reserve the right to ship items with DHL and Royal Mail at our discretion, we will always chose the service we feel will benefit the customer the most.

Music to my ears. Free delivery and the good sense to use the Royal Mail in doing so. My kind of company… and yet… and yet…

…and yet, when I filled in my details, there was a whopping SIXTEEN POUNDS added for delivery. I did not submit the order and I have contacted them to request a defence of their surcharge.

They stated: All UK orders over £65 automatically have free delivery

The last time that I looked, Norway had handed Orkney over to the United Kingdom. We haven’t been given back, have we? So why the bl**dy surcharge, eh?

I think that I shall be buying the Fogarty now. It may well be NZ wool but it is considerably cheaper and has genuinely free delivery. It’s a no-brainer.

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