Ups and Downs

It’s our first regular meeting of the Sanday Knit & Natter group this afternoon. I was looking forward to cake, knitting and chat. I think now that the knitting part may not happen. I shut my finger in the door this morning and it seems to be in a temporary non-functioning state. I’m typing one-handed. I suspect that when the feeling returns to my finger end that it is going to be a case of ouchy-ouchy…

We still have no functioning vehicle on the Windswept Acre. Gill has offered me a lift but I’m planning to walk to the meet and save her the detour. There is little wind today and it is dry. The birds are singing. Perhaps the sun will come out later. A walk will do  me good and should be enjoyable. The camera batteries are charged and ready, so I’ll take it with me. Who knows what I may bring back for the blog?

As for the  knitting? The Narcissus sock has reached the end of the first leg repeat. The leg is long enough now but there is plenty of yarn and the pattern will look better with a second repeat. I shall plough on, but probably not at the Knit & Natter. I will take it along for admiration however.

The Afternoon Tea shawl is ready for the Branches Pattern lace section – I just looked at the chart and it seems perfectly mindless and suitable for knitting in a group. So long as my finger will bend by then, I think it’s a goer.

I’ll pack up now, then make an early lunch and dig my walking boots out from their winter hiding place. It should be fun – and Norma is making the cake, so the eats will be terrific. See you on the other side.


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