Things are feeling a little chaotic around here, so please bear with me for a few days.

Let’s start with the knitting content, which is minimal. I took both the Who? hat and the Rosa mitts on the boat. Who? got a brief lookin but the mitts were not touched. Mr & Mrs SpinningGill were also on the boat. Gill tried the Who? hat on for me and reckoned it will fit the recipient OK.This is good news.

Mr L and I were puzzling and we successfully solved the first puzzle in moments. The second  puzzle went fairly well but we were stuck on some elements. Gill had her tablet with her and managed to get a connection, so she did duty on Google (which was greatly appreciated) and Mr Gill put in a couple of very useful ideas. Sadly,although we had most of the groundwork done by the time that we got to Kirkwall we were no closer to an answer, and made no further progress during the day.

The rain kept off. We dashed around Lidl. Mr L drove up to the hospital and I went shopping in town and then to Tesco, where he met me later after a trip to Hatston for chook food.

He surprised me by saying that he was back to hospital this Thursday. Crucially, he is on a restricted diet between now and then, so some of my food shopping will be going to waste! ALL my meal plans for the week are messed up.

More puzzling on the boat home, and a couple of rows of Who? Some chat about organising Thursday, which was…

…scuppered by a phonecall from Gill after we got home. She had news of ferry timetable changes for Thursday that would adversely affect Mr L’s appointment.

After putting the shopping away and a little supper, we had a well deserved soak in the bath and took to our bed with the puzzle sheets. Clearly refreshed, I solved the final two elements and we came up with a string of letters and no idea what to do with them. A stray remark from me, and the boss had it sorted. Two puzzles down and two to go.

Thursday is now sorted out. Mr L will fly over to Kirkwall, and I will follow on the delayed ferry and meet him at the hospital later. I shall have to drive the Land Rover back from the airfield on Thursday (AT LAST!) but have booked the bus to and from the ferry. Mr L will not be allowed to drive for 24 hours.

Today has been weird and bitty but we did solve a puzzle over coffee this morning 🙂

My back is killing me. I have been upside down, organising the freezer as we just threw stuff in last night… to the extent that some of it would not fit. It’s a very large chest freezer and getting to the bottom of it always puts my back under strain. Everything that needs to be frozen is in now, except for a large loin of Pork that needs some dissecting first. I shall be doing that shortly.

More puzzles later. We shall be transliterating… and trying not to listen to Mr L’s rumbly tum. Knitting can wait.

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