Vurtue et Industria

I went spinning yesterday. Nothing unusual about that, I hear you say, Tuesday is spinning day. Well, this Tuesday we’d been evicted fro the community room as it’s being redecorated and were meeting over at Heilsa Fjold; I’d been given the key as the manager was in Kirkwall that day.

We have two Land Rovers currently on the road, the old one (49 years old) and the young one (26 years old). The old one was waiting for a part, but generally speaking is the better Land Rover. The young one (the 110) has a fuel problem at the moment and can be difficult (read ‘sometimes impossible’) to start. Well, this was the case yesterday, I tried and I tried, but the beastie wasn’t going to cooperate.

Never mind, the weather was dry, so I didn’t really mind cycling and took my KAL cape with me.

It started spotting with rain after I’d gone about 100 yards – never mind – only a shower and I’m not really getting wet, I thought. After a mile the rain started properly and I did start to get wet. I had a choice. Cycle home a mile through the rain and give up, or cycle on for a mile and feel virtuous. I did the latter, only getting there a few minutes late.

Not having had transport, I couldn’t pick up ‘The Box’, a box we keep our tea and coffee supplies in, but Julia was kind enough to collect it from Beth who was unable to come, and we were soon supplied with hot drinks and biscuits. All in all a pleasant morning a couple of rows of knitting done (about 300sts to the row) and I dried off as well!

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