We are back

Home from the Show.  I had a lovely day. We set off to walk the long way round, via the Peedie Sea, Hammerbrake, and the Sanday airfield –  and the walk was really enjoyable.

The Show itself was very quiet this year, both in the atmosphere on the field and on the Industrial Show tables. I was really glad that I had scrounged some entries together, because entries were well down this year.

The great treat this year was the  unexpected appearance of ferrets (and a skunk!) The ferrets made me very happy. I took loads of terrible photographs and only a small handful of reasonably good ones.


I have assessed my performance on the photo section, but not yet looked at the haul for other crafts. I did less well than in previous years but far better than I might have expected, given that I had put  little effort in this time. There were surprises. And, yes, there was a red card in the mix. Maybe two, but I need to check.

Can we look at the haul tomorrow? I am weary and ready for a hot bath after having walked both ways, dealing with an unexpected bull on the way home, and having been on  my feet on the field all afternoon.

The bath beckons and I believe that there may be a glass of chilled wine to accompany  the soak. Then I have to make dinner (chicken in black bean sauce, I think.) It’s Soulka day tomorrow and I need to open the Studio for 10 am. It’s going to be a rush and hard work, but I’ll get back to the blog at some point.


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