We forgot

Spinning Group today was pretty well attended. It’s shame that it clashed with our fibre colleague’s (OrkneySarah) Christmas event, but we hope that she fared well, even if none of us could attend. We were sorry that we could not be there to support her.

Norma brought mince pies today (we had them hot) – thank you! A reminder that time is marching on. We shall have one more meeting and then a brief break before spinning again in the New Year. I am hoping that by then I shall be allowed to drive the Land Rover and therefore able to take my wheel out with me. Today I took my Tunisian Crochet. It has been a while since I worked on my blanket and I spent most of today’s session untangling the umpteen balls of yarn involved.

There was excitement this morning but I am not allowed to tell you about it. It made at least three ladies happy and I have a thank you to write. I can’t help being mysterious about it, sorry 🙂

I have been in the kitchen since I came home from spinning. I made a batch of marmalade and then spent ages moving things between cupboards in some attempt to bring order to the chaos. Just when I thought that I had achieved something… I found a half cupboard more of baking goods that will not fit into their newly designated home. There is much more work to be done, but not for a few days now.

Town tomorrow. I need to stock up for Mr L’s birthday dinner. Knit & Natter is on Thursday, and I shall be making chutney, baking, and preparing birthday things on Friday so, cupboard reorganisation goes on hold until Sunday now.  I’ll just have to work around the heaps.

I’ll try not to swear.

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