Wednesday WIP – Kadril

I ripped Kadril out last night and started it again as I really was not happy with my original attempt. There is not much to see yet, so photographs can wait for a while I think.

So far this is proving to be my greatest knitting challenge to date – and that was as I expected really. I am using 2mm needles and some 2ply pure alpaca which is so fine that I had previously thought it to be a single. It has almost 1,800 metres to 100g. Add to all that my lack of familiarity with the Orenburg tradition and, well… let us just note that progress has been slow.

I turned the two bottom corners last night and set up for the body. This morning I have knit one edge-point’s-worth of body chart. It’s a teeny thing just now but I am taking it to town with me and hope to have progress to photograph by the time that I come home. Three hours boat time should yield ooh.. an inch or two of knitting? *sigh*

All in all? I believe that Liz may have a long wait for her prize!

Got to go. Time to get ready for going out. I need to clean my specs or I shall have no chance of seeing what I am doing with Kadril.

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  1. Liz H 13th June 2012 at 1:49 pm #

    I’m happy waiting, and enjoying reading the progress. Would LOVE to see some pictures, although don’t let blogging about it get in the way of knitting it 😉

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