Weekend doings

We had a fairly a-typical weekend, though large elements were recognisably traditional. There was sun! and no wind! Lots of laundry… I cooked on Saturday (Tempura Chicken – Sweet & Sour sauce) for a change. (The plan had been for Satay Prawns but the shop came up short on several ingredients.) A suitable bottle of wine was found and we followed dinner with a movie in bed (The Cider House Rules). Sunday was rather more energetic… beginning with hair cutting and a Full English, and Mr L put up the daylight tubes in my studio. After the DIY was completed we went for a walk in the bay with the dogs, but not before Jennifer visited… with some extra yarn for my KAL cape. The day ended with three of us in bed: me, Mr L and Paul. We normally favour Auracaria and have a hard time figuring Paul’s needs. However, the crossword was fully completed, for once. 12, 5 Across was… um… an unusual clue but once we had sufficient of:

12,5 24 a 19 20 1 across 21 6 15, say — from this? (4,7)

to understand the clue and therefore fill in a missing answer or two, we rollicked through it.

Want a clue? Some of the answers we had were:  24 = Soup 19 = Collie 20 = Fridge 1= Elastic. You may be able to fill in the answer now…

I missed my 10-a-day on the cape yesterday but the end is now clearly in sight. I shall have to catch up by doing a few extra today, though as the weather continues to  be fabulous I shall be doing my washerwoman act for most of the daylight hours. At least I now have good lighting, should I wish to catch up after tea.

I am not giving up on the cape – this is it now, we are going for the finish and I plan to knit nothing else until work is done on that fluffy wee monster. Expect an FO post this Friday. Beat me up if I do not provide one.

We are away to town next week – Mr L has a hospital appointment – so I shall return to the Waves of Grain for ferry knitting but as we shall be in March, it is time to dig out the High Seas I think for my every day knitting. Must check my completion list and make sure but am pretty certain March was for High Seas and April is for Kadril.

Wittering? Me? So, sorry. Must dash, I can smell my soup (Pea & Ham) and I think it has boiled over! Plus there must be another wash load to hang out by now. It’s all go, you know.

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  1. LizH 25th February 2013 at 11:24 am #

    This is not the first blog I read that has mentioned that clue. A spoon full of sugar…

    And yes, you are right: March for High Seas.

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