Weekend pot pourri

It’s a canny day today. We have been out and about, getting some groceries in. A bit late getting going as Mr L left me in bed sleeping off a migraine. We are catching up now though, and about to embark on that much-loved (!) activity, the garage clear out. Luckily dinner is  taken care of already as a Chilli non Carne made earlier in the week proved to be of gargantuan proportion. We are having seconds today. Its previous incarnation came with Mexican Rice and fried tortillas. Today I shall ring the changes. Mr L wants cheesy chips with it, but I’m backing the nag called Garlic Bread.

Really all this is mere distraction. I want to be completing the Glaciers are Melting shawl that I began on Thursday. It is three-quarters done and therefore a finish should be achievable today, if only stuff wasn’t getting in the way. Even with a garage clear-out in the schedule, one would think that 25% could be a reachable target… but I have swapped out to circular needles now and I knit at about one-third speed on those.

Tomorrow then?

With pictures! It is looking lovely. I promise.

I’ll put  a few token rows in on the KAL cape after Glaciers is done, then switch to starting off the KAL socks. I shall be needing a ferry project for Wednesday, and those socks will fit the bill nicely.

Excuse me – I am being called to assist with lifting the roller door.

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