Weird is the new normal

Last week when I went into town, I found myself in the ferry waiting room. Sat on my right was a lady from Stronsay; she said that she was a spinner and weaver. The gentleman sat opposite us told us that he too was a weaver. What are the odds – three strangers in a room and all fibre crafters? Until I moved to Sanday I had only met a single spinner in my whole life – my Home Ec teacher in the late Sixties was a lady of a certain age, who had been raised on Mull and she was a spinner… and thought to be something of an odd bird. Nowadays I have the impression that spinners are taking over the world. Practically everybody I meet, spins.

Whilst it would be nice if that were true, it cannot possibly be so? Although my impression is that all forms of crafting are in growth (and I have personal theories as to why this is) but overall, I imagine that the majority of the population don’t share our secret. Most people are busy working and dashing around keeping up with the Joneses, I think? Too busy scouring Ikea to learn to play with craft materials, perhaps.

I know that when I was back in civilisation our neighbours found us rather weird. We did “odd stuff”, like hiking instead of going to parties and barbecues with the normal people…

Perhaps it is all about the self-selected group. We’re up here with a whole bunch of other people who fled civilisation for the quiet life. It probably makes sense that we gravitate to similar hobbies.

Whatever it is, I find it quite gratifying to feel normal and be amongst other normal people. Weirdos are the norm. And it is fantastic to set off for the dentist one morning and to come home in the afternoon knowing a new and local source of unusual fibres. I was offered Chow, and Chinchilla!

Sorry, I know that I am rambling – this post made sense in my head at 3am but isn’t coming together properly now.  I knew what I wanted to say and can only hope that you understand me.

I have to go back to town this week as Suzie needs reviewing by the vet before she can have more medication for her arthritic hip. As the car is not currently MOT’d Gill has kindly stepped in to fill the logistical void. This means that we are both out on Friday afternoon and service around here will be limited. Sorry for that – if you need us we’ll get back to you as quickly as we can. I wonder how many spinners we shall meet whilst we are out?

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