The egg glut is taking over. There will soon be room for nothing but egg trays in the utility room Whoa, girls! Take  a well-earned rest.  Please.

I am going to boil some eggs up for lunch and make a curry sauce for them. I’m planning to experiment with the rice component and have unearthed a carton of coconut water.

What? You came here for knitting and spinning chatter? Well, I skipped spinning group this week as I was feeling unwell and have not otherwise been spinning either. There has been some knitting, as noted earlier. Yesterday I suspended the back of the matinée jacket and cast on for one of the fronts. I was tempted to knit both fronts at once, as is my wont but decided that while I am feeling sub-par, two balls of yarn on the go may well be one too many; Slow and Steady will win this particular race. Very slow, methinks – I seem to be making a high level of errors.

I cannot believe that I have been able to leave the Hap alone! What a good girl.

Overall, I am feeling slightly ashamed of self for submitting to temptation. I really have far too many UFOs and way too much to do. I must put some effort into catching up. I suppose I need a plan… or at least a review. Just to frighten myself, you know?

Projects I consider active WIPS

  • Matinée Jacket
  • Rivulet
  • Rainstorm Shawl
  • A Hap for Harriet

Projects I want to get going on

  • Pi Blanket
  • Windswept & Interesting
  • Tunisian crochet blanket
  • A poncho (new project)

Unfinished Projects

(let’s not go there, I’m not feeling that strong)

And then, there is the Kadril. What to do about that. I’m going to listen to the voice inside me that has been carping ever since I began that bl**dy scarf . This project, as currently set, just does not want to be. No way. No how. I need to accept that. I’m going to begin again, with a more Orenburg-friendly yarn.

Hit List (for now)

  1. Matinée jacket (feel-good quick-finish factor is high)
  2. Rainstorm (feel-good quick-finish factor is high)
  3. Hap for Harriet (current ferry knitting project)
  4. Rivulet (because I really want to be wearing it)
  5. Kadril (it’s an obligation and a personal challenge)
  6. Tunisian blanket (would be more useful in the car than in a box taking up space in the studio – plus being something different to do with my hands when knitting makes them hurt)

I really need to update my Ravelry project records. I can think of a handful of projects not listed there yet that manage to escape attention when I try to determine the scale of my problem challenge fun well-egged knitting omelette.

Speaking of things-to-do, I have to head town-ward again tomorrow. That car has to go back for  inspection and fixing. I just hope it can get as far as the ferry before it dies completely. I have never towed or been town. I don’t want to find out how just yet, thanks.

I’ll try to complete both fronts of the matinée jacket, as far as the suspending part, by the end of today. That leaves me Friday to Sunday to attempt a completion (assuming I don’t develop an addiction to the hap on the ferry tomorrow.) Once the baby thing is done, I shall return to cranking out the Rainstorm shawl – the only thing holding me back there is  the small voice nagging about the yardage remaining. Once that in turn is finished (if the yarn holds out) I’ll complete the Hap for Harriet. That will be 3 WIPS out of the basket and I can settle down to Rivulet and concentrate on it properly.

There we are: a plan.


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  1. spinninggill 21st May 2014 at 9:21 pm #

    I think that I may have found the matinee jacket pattern that I want to use. I trawled the second hand patterns in the Red Cross shop (on my way south) and the Clan shop (today when I was homeward bound). I think the Clan one will be the one I knit first.

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