Well, fancy that!

It turns out that if one actually sits down occasionally to spin,instead of simply talking about doing so,  that both the productivity and the quality of spinning improve several fold.

Who would have guessed?


I am thoroughly enjoying my new routine. My after lunch hours are spent in the new studio, with my wheel.


The current project is a Corriedale x Romney fleece that has been kicking about for a while. I spun the yarn for my Serenity Socks from this fleece. That yarn was spun in the grease, using flicked locks and spinning from the fold. I made a fingering weight, more or less and dyed half of it in the indigo vat.

Big Fluff

This time I am using washed and carded fleece. The batts have been through the carder twice and are voluminous. The long staple is lending itself to fine spinning. This is aided in part, I believe, by the fact that I have switched Morgana over to double drive. When I was spinning on my Hebridean wheel, which was a double drive wheel, I was also making fine singles. There seems to be something to it…

So, I am spinning fine and it is going well, and far more quickly than I would expect such a fine single to go. It’s not breaking and I find that I can spin for ages from the huge ball of roving that I made from my fat batt (you have to love that packer brush.)

I have high expectations for this yarn.

Knitting is suffering, though. I seem to be enjoying my afternoon spinning so much that I just carry on well into the evening after tea. I am getting no knititng done at all. This is a problem. I have commitments.

I need to find some balance.

I talk about that a lot too!

Seeing The Yarn Harlot spinning North Ron fibre reminds me that I have not yet actually tackled any myself. That’s a bit odd, don’t you think? I mean… the stuff is ubiquitous in Orkney. We even have some NR sheep on Sanday. I have a bag of NR fleece somewhere – given to me by the lovely Marja after a day trip she took across to North Ron. I think I shall unearth it and add it to the head of my list of “breeds to be sampled.”

This is one from the list that has already been done. It is still in need of a wash:


Norwegian. Grey. Spun 2 ply on Morgana (the Schacht) from tops from World of Wool. £1.50 for 100g.

I love the colour – a steely kind of grey. Did not enjoy the spin (as previously mentioned) and the resulting yarn is best described as “serviceable” I reckon.

Mittens, I think.

Thrummed in scarlet?

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  1. Caroline 5th July 2012 at 11:07 am #

    Glad you’re enjoying your studio Beth, as well as your spinning. What does “Spinning from the fold” mean please?

    • SandaySpinner 5th July 2012 at 11:10 am #

      long staple fibres can be spun a lock at a time (or a staple length from a roving) – held doubled over the index finger.

      Try this video for a clear explanation

      • SandaySpinner 5th July 2012 at 11:12 am #

        PS – I didn’t (don’t/haven’t yet) spin long draw/woollen.

        I’m a short backwards draw semi-worsted type of spinner I think. I mean, I just do what comes naturally and haven’t spent much time looking at the technical side of spinning yet

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