Well, I’d better write something!

Having set up this blog last month I thought I’d better take the plunge – only now, I’ve got writer’s block! It’s funny how that always happens, right from memories of me as a youngster being encouraged to write thank-you letters to my ‘elders and betters’ for various Christmas/birthday presents. I’d pick a nice note-let (probably from one of the presents), write the envelope, put my address and the date at the top of the note, put “Dear Aunt …” – and grind to a halt. At least now I seem to be able to at least “blether”!

See – I stop to see what I have written and check the grammar – and grind to a halt again.

Blether mode on

We dog-sat a friend’s border collie today whilst her mother was taken to the vet for an operation. (That is the dog’s mother not the friend’s…) Turns out she didn’t have the op because she has an infection and is running a temperature. Patsy (daughter) had a lovely day getting extremely muddy. In the middle of all this, my new cello case arrived, having taken a week to get here! It’s a deep blue colour – very blue, DH called it. Anway the cello fits into it OK, so I now feel happier carting it around.

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