What Next?

In between packing orders, emptying and staking the dishwasher, cleaning cat trays, blocking Orchid Thief, and getting the laundry on, I have been re-examining the UFO heap.

Yep, Multitaskers-R-Us

Orchid Thief was a fall from the wagon and therefore does not represent a tick against the list. I now feel that I want to add a couple of swift ticks to redress the knitterly cosmic order. So…

  1. On my desk, and part way through the pick-up, is Lara. Priority #1 and I have reasonable confidence of knocking it out today, if I can get out from under the domestic drudgery.
  2. In my bag, packed up for Monday’s ferry is a newly cast-on (last night) second Rosa rubiginosa mitt. The first one was made to test a pattern. I liked it. I want the pair – and mitt weather will be upon us any day now. On hold until Monday. It would be stupid to work on it now and leave myself with nothing to do on the boat, though there will be puzzles.
  3. On my desk, waiting for examination and row identification, one cuff of a Pomatomus sock. These socks began long ago, in 2008 and received a frogging at some point, then were cast on again… getting through one chart repeat by the look of it. I have no measure of commitment to these socks but it is always useful to have socks at hand to work on and I really do not want to cast on some new ones for a while.

Three forthcoming ticks should get me down to 21 UFOs. I really want to see the count below 20. That means (deep breath) taking on the KAL cape edging and the High Seas scarf and plugging away in concentrated fashion. If I can get my count down to 19 by Christmas, I shall be a very happy woman.

I seem to have strayed some way from the original plan. In my focus on reducing the count, I have rid myself of as many small projects as I could, leaving only the monsters. It was poor psychology. The future looks quite unremitting in its lacy focus. I foresee more frogging. I do. Oh, yes, I really do. This UFO reduction project of mine is really helping my focus. I am learning to discard the stubbornness and just think about the love. Really, who gains from the attitude “I started, so I’ll finish” ?

Maybe I am being hard on myself. Here’s the original list with current comments:

  1. Kal Cape – progresses in fits and starts – currently edging bottom, perhaps 20% of edge done
  2. Heliotaxis – not touched
  3. Kadril – not touched
  4. High Seas – almost 2 of 9 repeats done, that’s over 20%  – so definite progress
  5. Windswept – not touched
  6. Hannelore – not touched
  7. X Cat – 10% FROGGED
    ^ Lara Hat – will be done today or tomorrow
    ^ Lara to be replaced by Pomatomus socks
  8. Tunisian Blanket – grown to approx 50% – again, definite progress
  9. Hexapuffs – some made, count = 32

So, although only one item has been crossed off, and that by dint of frogging, the general direction is forwards despite several other items jumping the queue… but only one of those was newly cast on! I can’t believe just how good I have been.


See? Not fibbing! I made a start

Orchid Thief is blocking

Pomatomus Socks up for UFO busting

Rosa rubiginosa mitt awaiting its partner, to be made on Monday

Right – Mr L says it is OK today to revisit the broth that I made earlier this week sooooo… I am going to pick up some more stitches. I wish that the light were better today. I also wish that more hours were left in my day. I am starting to doubt my ability to finish Lara today. This post took most of the morning! That and the blocking… and the laundry and…

I hate housework. I really do.


2 Responses to “What Next?”

  1. SpinningGill 11th October 2012 at 9:54 pm #

    Frogging the UFOs increases the stash. Is this a good thing, or is it more likely to lead you back off the wagon?

    • SandaySpinner 12th October 2012 at 8:46 am #

      You have spotted the flaw, haven’t you?

      I’m thinking… “loom”

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