What’s on the needles – and the progress of that sock!

Yes, the sock that I started back in September is still in progress. I’m halfway through turning the heel, then I’ll be knitting up the leg.

Having gone down to Bristol to see Mum in September (because she hadn’t yet heard when her knee op was going to happen), the date for it came through, and I was back down there in early October to look after her for a couple of weeks, post-op. I took the sock with me, plus my Lintilla shawl, and it was the Lintilla that saw the most progress.


Not far to go now.

Not a very good photo of it, I’m afraid. I need to take some better photos in daylight with the proper camera.

Also on the needles are my Nieblung tablecloth (Jesien):

Jesien in progress.

Jesien in progress.

My big Pi shawl – which definitely needs daylight to be photographed properly,…

And a new sock, pictured here with the travelling sock:

Big 'un and little 'un.

Big ‘un and little ‘un.

Both socks are at the heel-turning stage, the travelling sock is halfway through a Sweet Tomato heel, and the Baby Sock is at the stitch-picking-up stage of a heel-flap heel.

I’d initially knitted a short row heel for the baby sock, but that didn’t look right, so I tinked and frogged back to the ribbing. At Makkin’ & Yakkin’ today, I was having trouble sorting out my picked up stitches, but thanks to Sandra and Norma, two of Sanday’s foremost knitters, I was put back on the straight and narrow, and knitted the heel flap.

(I really need to gain confidence with picking up stitches etc, and I have a plan to do this. I’m going to knit a piece of stocking stitch on 4 or 5mm needles with very forgiving yarn that doesn’t split, then I’m going to drop stitches and recover them, and generally have a play on something that doesn’t matter. I’ll let you know how it goes. (Sandra says that you know you can do it right when you can do it with dropped stitches in garter stitch. Hmm…))

Also at M&Y today, Fenella had a go at using Magic Loop to knit her socks, Liz was making her festive bunting, and Norma and Sandra (when not being interrupted by my knitting) were knitting as well.

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