When the magic goes…

Our Magic Socks course finished today. Of course I forgot to take my camera in to snap the ladies and  their completed socks. Silly me. Gill got a shot in though.

It was fun and I am glad that we did it, but it was a lot of hard work and I think that another time we would add something on to the fee for our effort and not just charge for the room hire. Anyway, appreciation was shown. Our especial thanks to Jennifer, for chocolate appreciation gratefully received.

I have been thinking about what to do next and a little plan is forming already. Watch this space.

And on the subject of space… mine is coming along nicely, though there remains much to be done. There may be progress photographs soon.

What else?

1)  Oh, yes, we are doing out next KnitPro order this weekend. Now is the time to leave your comments and special requests for the items you would like to see us get in if you have not already done so.

2) We have turned the Magic Socks course into a sock kit pack that will be appearing in the Shop soon. Prices start at £15 and they will make smashing gifts. More on this when I have time to get my act together.

3) and I heard from Hunter today. Her latest book is out in hard copy now and mine is on its way to me. Planning is well advanced for her next book and she has flattered me greatly by asking if I would knit more samples for her. I was delighted to say yes… so there is more super secret knitting in my near future. Merino/Silk blends have been mentioned. Yummy.

It will be a long time before these new samples are revealed, but you can get hold of a copy of The Knitter’s Curiosity Cabinet right now, and admire the Rosa rubiginosa socks that I made for it last year. Hunter says that they will be returning to me in July. I am currently making a pair of the Narcissus pseudo-narcissus socks – these were much admired at Magic Socks today. Just wish I could find the time to finish them, but the studio move must come first!

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