White Rabbits

I can always tell when it’s the first of the month – I find Mr L wandering about the house and bumping into things. His eyes come out on the last of the month at bedtime and he’s totally useless for the next 24 hours until he can put his eyes back in.  He’s also very grumpy throughout as he hates the glasses that he has to wear while his eyes are resting from the monthly lenses. So… it’s mainly down time today.

Mr L had plans for platform building this weekend but Tony the Postie only brought cat litter this morning and not the expected platform supplies.

We have little else planned, aside from Dr Who (yay!!)

There is a lovely squishy Brie lined up for supper – we’ll use up last week’s port with it and crisp up some part-cooked baguettes to help it all down and I’ll make a plain tomato salad with the vine plum tomatoes that are remaining from last week’s shopping trip. This simple supper will be had while we reprise some of last season’s Who, and wait for tonight’s episode to be uploaded to the iPlayer. If the upload is very late (as it is sometimes) we shall revert to the usual Saturday plan of the Guardian Prize Crossword. It’s a new-to-us setter this weekend so may prove challenging. No doubt I shall be in charge of filling it in, due to the eyes problem.

Speaking of Puzzles – there is news of the Canon CISRA puzzlehunt (now week of 1st October), though Sydney SUMS remain remarkably quiet on the topic of their annual puzzlehunt. As ever, we’d welcome members on our team. Let me know if you fancy joining in.

What? You want fibre content? Blimey. Sorry, there is little to say. I seem to be obsessed with the Tunisian Crochet (who’d a tho’t?) The blanket is now 14″ long but little else is making progress. I confess, the KAL cape is still poised to round the second corner.

I have my Serenity Socks on. Yesterday was their first wearing. I don’t want to take them off! 🙂

So far this morning I have… packed one Sanday Spinner’s parcel. That’s it. All that I have managed. All morning. I never fail to marvel at how long these processes take. It would be lovely if I got paid for it 🙂

The new drive belt for the vacuum cleaner has arrived and been fitted so I have no excuses now – work caught up on, blog populated… no excuses left. I shall have to do the vacuuming. See you later.

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