WIP reporting

The doily is making far too much progress. I enjoy working on it and the Karbonz circs are just a delight to use. 84 rounds are completed, leaving 82 to do and that works out to be 26% completed. On the round-a-day schedule it is now the 24th September.

Of course Kadril has been suffering because of this dedication to  soft decoration. It’s not so much that I have not been working on it, because I have. I knit and I knit but it just does not grow very much. Clearly I need to spend more time on it as the current rate of completion suggests that Kadril will be a feature of my life for the next three months. It’s slow progress – the singles are far more energised than I had realised and the alpaca halo means that twists rapidly form into knots. I spend a lot of time sorting the yarn out. I’ve done 100 rows of the main chart and that means that I have not even completed the first chart iteration yet. I should do the maths…

  • Work rows 1 – 112
    • 112 rows
  • Repeat Rows 37 – 112 7 times
    • 525 rows
  • Work Rows 113 – 149
    • 36 rows

TOTAL 673 rows, of which 100 done =  15% almost

Except that’s apparently incorrect and according to Ravelry knitters there are different approaches to resolving the synchronising of the border and body charts – one is to knit TEN repeats instead of seven.

Ten repeats would make a more usable scarf – if this is 15% done then it’s going to be very wee indeed… but ten repeats is going to take me a very, very long time.

That’s it. That is all that I am working on at present. I’m focused, despite the new shawl and the matinée jacket cast-ons.

I’ll take pics after I’ve passed Row 112.

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