WIP Wednesday

Yes. I know. It’s Wednesday. I was totally not going to do a WIP post today because… well, because it is all very boring around here. Socks, socks, socks… and all plain vanilla socks at that.

I should have gone to town today. I prepared last night and sorted out ferry tickets, knitting, shopping bags and so on but when I got up this morning I was hard pressed to think of one good reason for spending three hours incarcerated on a boat today. I elected instead to ensure that the materials for Friday’s sock class were produced in good time. There is nothing that I hate more than being unprepared or rushed. Hence, I feel quite good tonight. We have no fruit or salad in the house but I do have instructional notes.

Smack me, somebody.

I also have one more finished sock and another working its way through the gusset. I seem to be on schedule for completing the blue demo socks for this Friday. Remarkable.

Sock progress is brought to you by the dual wonders of the BBC iPlayer and the annual Chelsea Flower Show. Favourite garden so far: World Vision. Favourite plant at the moment is a wonderful new purple Clematis, the name of which I totally failed to spot.

(Remind me to get a photograph of my linen stitch scarf some time. It is looking pretty damn stunning.)

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