Women at Work

WIP Wednesday sure comes round quickly these days. There scarcely seems time to draw breath between them.

Here we are again, and still not in a suitable state for WIP Photography. Life just keep getting in the way.

WIP work today is both knitty and not-knitty, but also, I suppose, mildly-knitty (or on the edge of knitty) and slightly spinnerly (is that a word?) too.

I know. I am blethering. It’s low blood sugar, I think. That, or I am freaking out at just how much we have to do in such a small space of available time. Plus the fact that so little seems to be getting done.

Shall I run away, screaming?

No, that’s no fun at all…

Major WIPs:

  • Preparations for Magic Socks course to run from mid-April  (This one terrifies me. Not the thought of doing it, just the lack of preparation at this stage.)
  • Preparations for Crafts event at Easter (Apr 7th)
  • Preparations for this year’s “Sanday Soulka” Open Studios (Starts May 4th)
  • Afternoon Tea is still technically a WIP as it is not yet blocked
  • My Frosted Ferns doily, newly emerged from a very long hibernation, is now 25% done
  • The Narcissus socks have made no progress
  • Rhodocrosite shawl #2 progressed through most of a pattern repeat yesterday

In Other News:

  • my knee is mending, but still quite painful
  • the camera is functioning OK (I think)
  • the Land Rover is out of the garage at long last
  • this means that I can begin restoring the conservatory to a suitable state for spinning (HURRAH!)
  • there is still work to be done on the landy
  • the bill has been totted up. (EEK!)
  • I desperately need to earn some money…

OK. I promise to do better next week. I promise photographs. Truly. The rest of the day will be spent in my workroom, trying to make blocking and photo space, and in the conservatory… staring bleakly at the mess and wondering where to begin

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