Woolly Goodness

I finally got around to dealing with my new duvet. Readers may recall that I had an issue with The Wool Room’s web site attempting to charge me £16 delivery  for a duvet advertised as Free Delivery in the UK.

I am happy to say that The Woolroom responded swiftly and correctly to my query and gave me a name and phone number to contact and  promised me that all would be fine.

I finally got around to calling them today, galvanised by the fact that it is the last day of the 20% off offer. We had a nice chat and I ordered my medium weight duvet. The lady at the other end of the phone asked if they could do anything else for me today. I said no thank you, had their 30% off full set offer been available with the Medium Weight, I would have gone for that instead of just the duvet but it is only available on the all seasons pair of duvets. Our climate here is such that the temperature varies little between the seasons. It is never properly cold, nor is it ever hot.

“Oh, we can put that together for you, if you like.


It was high time that we invested in new pillows anyway.

I am looking forward to reporting back here on my wool bedding.

I do hope that the mattress topper lives up to its billing and frees me from the over-roasted effect of my memory foam mattress.

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