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I may be quiet at the moment, but I am certainly not idle. The web site continues to make progress and I finally feel as though an end is out there somewhere, if not actually in sight yet. At least I no longer feel like an insurmountable mountain of effort remains!

Everything is about the Knit & Natter right now. I made gingerbread yesterday, a few days late, but at least it is done now. Today I shall make flapjacks and tomorrow I shall be baking some date and walnut cakes. Also tomorrow, we have a meeting with the manager of the building where the Knit & Natter will be happening on Saturday.

Preparations are well in hand. I have a crate packed and ready with spare yarn and needles, for beginners. Samples of KnitPro needles are in there too. Questionnaires are also in the crate – asking who wants a regular knitters’ meeting – and an adequate supply of sharpened pencils went in with the papers.  I made a donations box (we are collecting for the school trip fund) and packed it into the crate. Menus have been drawn up and await finalisation. I also need to do some flyers for the Knitpro – but, essentially, we are good to go. I have even sorted out some knitting to take with me – nothing too challenging, in order to be able to socialise.

Having cleared a few priorities, I have been able to take up the second handspun sock for completion. This morning I have finished the heel flap, turned the heel, and picked up the gusset. After lunch I’ll do the gusset shaping and that should leave me right for getting to the toe tonight. Expect an FO photograph on Sunday! No, actually, maybe next week, not at the weekend. I’ll have to wash the sock and we do not have drying weather here just now.

My handspun scarf is finished – all bar dropping the stitches and casting off. Gill wants to see that part being done, so I shall  take it with me on Saturday and perform that feat. It may take me a while to get the blocking done after that, so do not expect an FO post on that in the near future – getting the web site up and running will take priority over the sink and the pins.

See you on the other side of the weekend. Hopefully with a brand new web site for you to enjoy. No promises.

Right, now I have to cook lunch.

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