Wow, is it that time already?

Has it been quiet around here? May we apologise? I cannot speak for Gill but I know that I have spent my mid-winter in a bit of a lot of a mooch. It has been wet and windy and very dark and grey and I confess to having felt like nothing other than hibernation.

I did not even drop in to wish you a Happy New Year. Shame on me!

Truthfully, I  have had nothing to write about here. No spinning, no knitting. I have been an idle lump for weeks on end.

If you will excuse the pun, the year to date has been spent focussing on photography. I have undertaken a 365 photo project and have created a new Blipfoto account for that purpose. It amazes me just how much time one photograph a day is taking by the time that I have researched for my theme, set up shots, chosen the image and edited it…

Spinning Group yesterday - not all in shot, but Morgana is front and centre and that's Gill at left

Spinning Group yesterday – not all in shot, but Morgana is front and centre and that’s Gill at left

The good news is that I went to spinning group yesterday and I did spin. I also got my wheel out in the evening and spun along to the Musketeers (which I found disappointing and probably will not follow through the series). My spinning mojo may be returning, hurrah! I even handled some of my knitting yesterday too – though have worked no stitches since before Christmas.

Overall, my head has been very much elsewhere, as I come to grips with being an OAP. I must say that the sudden appearance of an income after so many years is very nice indeed! When I first quit work to run away to Scotland we faced many long years of what we assumed would be an uncomfortable penury until my pension appeared. It has been 12 years but the time has flown and life has been much less hard than we imagined. We had to eat a lot of lentils… but that’s no bad thing, they’re good for one.

Now I am no longer a kept woman I am looking forward to a few guilt-free  fibre treats! My first gift to myself may well be a new camera. I already have a new tripod. Expect the standard of images to improve around these parts… but perhaps not until we get some light.

The Sanday Spinners are looking forward (are we? really?)  to a few weeks of concerted effort. The site may be up and down as we update software and review the product catalogue and prices. Ashford prices are changing and we hope to get some up to date KnitPro stock in soon. We are also adding some of the fruits of our own labour to our portfolio… but keeping that under wraps for now. As always, if you have trouble with the site or questions

about stock or service, just drop admin at sandayspinners an email and we’ll get back to you as soon as we are able.

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