Yes, I’m still knitting the same sock!

Sock progress has been a bit up and down since I last mentioned it (was it really as long ago as 29th November?).

I suspended knitting the purple sock to knit three pairs of baby socks. It was only going to be one pair, but two more folk saw me knitting them and asked me to knit a pair for their own new grandchildren.

Those finished, I then did a bit more on the Lintilla shawl, and some spinning. So it was a while before I went back to the purple sock, by which time I’d forgotten where I was up to with the sweet tomato heel. I decided that, although I like the construction of that heel, it’s not really necessary for my foot, so I decided to rip back and redo the heel with my normal auto (short row) heel. This was at Makkin’ & Yakkin’ a few weeks ago.

Having ripped the heel back, I was struggling to pick up the stitches when Norma took pity on me and sorted them all out in exchange for a cup of coffee. I then did my normal auto (short row) heel taken from the 13th edition of a Patons and Baldwin booklet.

It was only after finishing the heel, that it occurred to me that the foot was too small, so back it went again, this time with me picking up all the stitches and sorting it out.

I knitted another inch of foot, then redid the heel for at least the third time, then started on the leg.

Since then, this pair of socks has become a birthday present for a young friend, whose birthday is on 11th March.

Just another couple of inches of ribbing to go.

Hopefully I’ll finish them in time.

In other news, a group of us at Makkin’ & Yakkin’ are knitting a Baby Surprise Jacket as a KAL. Norma’s on her second one, and only knitting that one at M&Y, as she finished the first one inside a week!

A few weeks ago, Jennifer & I went over to Eday to visit their Knitting Group and had a very pleasant day, being given the grand tour of the island by a couple of our hosts as well as being plyed with cups of tea at every opportunity. Hopefully a group of the Eday knitters will be able to make a return trip whilst we’re still in the ferry winter timetable – it’s not possible to have a day trip to Sanday from Eday in the summer timetable, unfortunately.

Now, where’s that sock…


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