It’s no yoke

I’m behind schedule on the matinée jacket despite actually having been pretty good and doing none of the A Hap for Harriet and only setting up the Cherry Blossom Stole. In short, it’s not finished and here we are at Tuesday already. Yesterday afternoon I finished the sleeve that I was knitting and reached the stage of putting all the pieces onto a circular needle in readiness for knitting the yoke. On went the left front, followed by the left sleeve and the back and then I realised that I had only knitted one sleeve, not the pair, as I had thought. Sleeve 2 is now in progress. I want this thing done and scored as an FO.

Why did it not get done? Well, we had a long weekend with Mr L taking a break from work on Thursday/Friday and Monday’s Bank Holiday. There was much “being together” and a load of cooking plus the arrival of the new treadmill on Sunday afternoon. It took hours to put together and then, of course, we’ve taken time out to use it. It all takes time away from the knitting.

The treadmill need not take time away as it now has on-board sock. Once I have found confidence and balance, I’ll take a leaf from the Shetlander’s book and knit whilst I walk. No. I’m not running. Running Is Stupid. There is absolutely nothing worse for your knees and  a good brisk walk is every bit as good exercise.


No need to be bored

No need to be bored

I should be able to complete the sleeve this afternoon – Mr L is on a three-meeting-day which means that the dogs and I will be shuttered away, being quiet while conference calls happen.  The yoke will be a breeze and finished in hardly any time at all, so we can count on the jacket being finished (bar the making-up) on Wednesday. Town is beckoning on Thursday and I’ll take the Hap with me, having decided it would be sinful to frog it for the yarn. I found another yarn for the Cherry Blossom Stole. It’s more variegated than I would wish but at least it is subtle.

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