You can’t always scratch that itch

The ferries returned to normal operations yesterday, so that meant a slightly later start – with less time on the boats and more time to fill in between. I cast on the Danima banksiae Mitt and kept my head down, hoping to remain intent on my work despite the distraction caused by an exhibition of the very worst in Human nature. By the time that I arrived back home again, I had all but a complete mitt, there’s just the thumb to finish now.


The only reason that the thumb didn’t get done was because I could not break the yarn. I forgot to take scissors and the usual “tie a knot in it” trick did not work.

Yes, I could have fitted more knitting in and cast on the second sock but I bought some reading in Tesco and settled down first with the New Scientist and later with a book.  Of all the chart paperbacks in Tesco, I could find only one that looked as though I might tolerate reading it.  What a load of old pap there was. Is that really what passes for reading these days? Dear me. I bought The Last Runaway by Tracy Chevalier – this decision based only on the fact that I enjoyed the film of  Girl with a Pearl Earring.

I don’t have a verdict yet – I didn’t get very far with it, due entirely to the inevitable passenger who couldn’t pass a whopping 90 minutes without being glued to a very loud television set, thereby  inflicting it on all and sundry.

I really must get some earplugs in my ferry bag.

Recommend me some good books? A new-to-me author worth investigating? No dressed-up trendy porn, no detective novels, no murders or gore. Strictly no on-trend vampires or zombies, please. Chick-lit… well, there are some good examples of the genre that I truly enjoy (Kathy Lette, Jennifer Crusie, so any more of their ilk would be good) Bodice rippers leave me cold and few historical novels hit the spot (I love Rose Tremain) Well written, well researched, believable fiction – that’s what I enjoy, authors such as Margaret Atwood. I also like good (hard)  SF and some Fantasy. Really good Biographies are good for a wallow too. Winter is on the way and I need some more good reading to get me through.

I bought a ceramic brooch whilst I was in town, it’s for my new cardigan.



I scratched the itch, by the way, and cast on the Rainstorm Shawl on Monday night. That was very bad of me. It is going to be lovely. I’m weighing up whether or not to bead it.


Right now I have several itches that may not be scratched: I was fitted with a heart monitor yesterday and I seem to be reacting to the sticky stuff that is holding the electrodes on. This is not very surprising as I always react to the supposedly  hypo-allergenic Micropore (though am fine with Elastoplast. I’m weird.)

The monitor stays on for 24 hours, during which time I am not permitted to bathe or shower. Well, you know me. I simply cannot function without my morning shower, so am feeling very itchy, sticky and disgruntled just now. I cannot wait to get these sticky patches off me! I want to scratch and scratch and scratch…

I had an ECG done while I was at the Cardiology clinic. It showed extra ventricular heartbeats and this seems most likely to be the cause of the sensations that I am experiencing. The clinican explained it as part of the heart deciding to ignore the heart’s intended pacemaker and start up one of its own. I’m like a train with two drivers, one at each end. We shall know more once the monitor data has been sent to Aberdeen for analysis. The report should take around 3 weeks.

The best news is that I do not have to return to the hospital to take the monitor back. I can drop it off at the surgery here and it will go to mainland in the blood bag. So that’s an extra day at home that I was not banking on.

There was no time to fit in a round of doily yesterday so I shall try to get two done this afternoon. This may not be possible as I think that I have a visitor to the Studio coming.

This shot is for Liz.



Gill has gone gallivanting again. She will be back in 3 weeks but in the meantime if you need to get hold of us with enquiries, it’s best to come straight to me. If I’m here. I’m back to town next week, hopefully with your book recommendations clutched in my sticky hands. It’s another long day for me, so the sock still has a fair chance of completion even if I do find me a good book. I am already writing my shopping list and top of the page is writ bold: EARPLUGS!

Right – in five minute’s time I can rip off these itchy patches. I’m away to warm up the shower! There’s a Shepherd’s Pie in the oven just waiting to be switched on so I have free time to wallow and may emerge to a ready-cooked meal.

2 Responses to “You can’t always scratch that itch”

  1. LizH 4th September 2013 at 3:49 pm #

    Lovely picture! Very exciting. Is Kadril still going to be an entry in the show next year?
    Reading recommendations… that’s a tough one. You seem to have much more highbrow tastes than me. I’ve really got into trashy vampire/thriller fiction.
    Do you know Jodi Picoult as an author? Intelligent, issues-based chick-lit.
    Have you read Stephen Fry’s novels? The Stars’ Tennis Balls is one of my very favourite novels and is a modern re-write of a literary classic. There is a tiny bit of gore.
    Iris Murdoch?

    • SandaySpinner 16th September 2013 at 11:05 am #

      Yes, I would like to have it in the Show but that depends on (a) being finished and (b) whether or not I have got it off to you and you feel inclined to post it back.

      Highbrow? Me? no, I don’t think so. I’ll happily read trash… so long as it is well-written trash. My teenaged years were largely spent between the yello covers of Gollancz I like a good humorous book, though Pratchett leaves me a little cold. Robert Rankin is huge fun and I find myself re-reading some Thorne Smith (introduced to me in my early teens by my father, who was a huge fan)

      Jodi P – have looked at her books but the synopses can be offputting (e.g. My Sister’s Keeper) so have not delved yet. I’ll give her a go. I have some Stephen Fry books in my collection but have found myself short-changed by what I have read. Nowhere close to meeting my expectations after ready his non-fiction words. Lacking in substance maybe. Not sure. Not chewy enough anyway and I know he can do better. I’m probably basing this all on The Liar. I shall try The Stars’ Tennis Balls on your recommendation.

      Iris Murdoch is far /too/ highbrow for me. I have her books, none of which I have manage to conclude.

      What I seek in a fiction is: a book that is not written with the film rights at the front of the author’s mind; a believable plot, well-researched, without overuse of plot twists but where the reader is not ahead of the protagonist all the time (Dan Brown, I am looking at you) ; a wide vocabulary, without excess use of adjectives (kill the y’s, dahling). Good editing is essential as a misspelled word or printing error can spoil the mood. I want to be immersed and not come up until the final page is done.

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