Zipping along, maybe

The Completion Plan is progressing according to, er, plan. Or not. I mean, progress is being made, but not necessarily where the plan would have it placed.

After Benny/Leo9 was finished I turned my attention to my list of “quick hits” and I decided to graft a lovely hat that has been waiting for the needle for ages. I unpicked what had been done, read the instructions again, tried a little more, freaked out, hid the hat  under the bed and then turned my attention to a little piece of nonsense that has been waiting felting for even longer.

The Kenaz bag was an off-the-top of my head experiment with some felting yarn that was gifted to me. I think I did it under my first engagement with Project Spectrum. I completed knitting it then put it aside for making up and felting. One day I removed it from the bag to find that it was unravelling — I had forgotten to fasten it off! So, all this time it has  been waiting for me to grab a pair of needles, rescue it, cast it off again, and then close it and felt it. It’s all sewn up now.

Today saw yours truly knitting her little socks off. It was hard work – both the projects completed today use a particularly nasty aran yarn that I bought a whole pack of via eBay. It’s very hard on the hands and I hate it. Project #1 was a Turn A Square Hat by Brooklyn Tweed and used Noro Kureyon for the stripes. Project #2 is a square bowl for felting, using the nasty aran and some Jacob handspun.

The UFO count is now down from 31 to 27.

Tomorrow I plan to get the hat back out from under the bed. I think that my eyes and my grafting skills are not up to the job — I am going to attempt to get the stitches back onto the needles and then do a three needle bind-off. It should look almost as good as a graft, but be less pain – so long as I can unpick the waste yarn and grab the live stitches without too many dramatic incidents.

Assuming that the hat goes smoothly (ha ha ha haaaa!) I plan to then cast on the second mitt of a pair that I test knitted a single of. Is that grammatical? Does it make sense?

Last year I knitted a sample pair of socks for Hunter, then went on to test two patterns from the same book. One of those patterns was the Rosa rubiginosa Mitts. I made just the one. Well, I liked the one that I made and believe that it would be grand to have a pair… plus, I need more mitts and it would be another quick tick off the To Do list.

So, by this time tomorrow, I hope to have the UFO count decrease to 25.

I could get another tick against the list if I tackled my Humbug bag. It has been knitted for years. It now needs some sewing done. I have to line it and add a zip. As we know, I am not good with the sharp needles, so I have been putting this task off for a very long time indeed. I fear that I shall keep on doing so, until I decide to turn the thing into a duster, of frog it and make socks. All that stops me from doing so is the fact that I purchased a zip three years ago… and I am frugal.

In the meantime, Cat is now up to 173 stitches. Still on Chart A. No progress on the KAL cape today. No hexapuffs made.


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  1. Liz H 12th September 2012 at 11:20 pm #

    That is very impressive UFO-busting. Keep at it!

    • Beth 13th September 2012 at 9:10 am #

      Least work, fastest results. Cheating a bit, but heartening nonetheless 🙂

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